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Don't complain, act!

A political volunteer can make a difference in local, state and national politics. How? By getting involved. Grassroots politics can transform your city, county, state and federal government.

Texas women in politics, Grassroots Women, proved citizens can be effective as political volunteers in a big way after gaining a political education in political science 101. Texas Republican women working in and managing political campaigns, political fundraising efforts, and women candidates changed the Texas Republican Party, Texas politics and as a result Texas government. These Texas political women provide a road map for other women, men and young people to become involved in political organization and success.

Grassroots Women: A Memoir of the Texas Republican Party recounts the transformation of Texas to a two-party state by dedicated, hardworking women in politics.

Our Mission: To inspire citizens to create and influence public policy through America's political grassroots and become political volunteers.

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